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Indoor Flower Garden

4 Ways to Start an Indoor Flower Garden

Getting yourself an indoor garden is not a difficult task anymore and is actually a better way of maintaining your plants through all the seasons. There are tools and plans available for indoor gardening that can help you create your own little breathing space inside your house. The easy way to start an indoor garden is to grow herbs and greens. For advance levels of indoor gardening, here is what you need to know.

Check for the right space for maximum light

You will need a place inside your house that gets the maximum sunlight and also can make space for your plants. Many plants are sensitive to the activities that happen around them and need to be left alone to grow at their full potential. Picking a place which has less foot traffic and the best sunlight is important. Once you have a place which fits perfect for your indoor garden, you can start picking the plants that can grow under the conditions of your house.

Make sure that you will be committed

Growing plants need a commitment as it can get really difficult to maintain the growth of the plants if proper care is not taken. There are also plants that do not require much attention if you cannot stay that committed. But the purpose of having an indoor garden is to take good care of it so make up your mind. Even a single day can make the most beautiful plant in your garden fall down. If you are planning to get a plant for your office, make sure that it is hardy enough to survive through the weekend without water.

Make a list of supplies

full potential.

Herbs and vegetables that can be grown inside need a different set of supplies to grow at full potential. You will need pots to hold your plants, but you can also be creative and use old containers and boots. Make sure that the container has proper drainage. Indoor plants seem to grow at their best in stone and terra cotta materials. You will need organic soil which contains all the necessary nutrients, necessary vitamins and fertilizers. Get a spray bottle to keep providing the right moisture to the plants which they can enjoy.

Find the right plants

Once your supplies are ready and you know your home conditions, you will need to pick the plants that you can grow in your garden. No matter what plant you pick, it will need patience and consistency to get the best rewards. The long process can sometimes be discouraging to the new gardeners. If you cannot wait long, pick the fast-growing plants like tulips, daffodils, and paperwhites. You can also buy grown sprouts to skip the seed step and directly move to the growing part. You will need to maintain your garden every day in order to enjoy its best beauty. Make sure that you can find time from your busy schedule every day to take care of your plants before you take any steps towards indoor gardening.

Perfect Garden

The Best Tips to Help You Grow the Perfect Garden

The process of gardening is not easy since it requires some serious effort and commitment. You need to focus and bring in the right materials to shape your garden into something extraordinary. Since the process is not complete without some help and advice, we decided to pitch in. With tried and tested methods, you can be sure of getting the right results. So to make things specific, here are some of the best tips to help you grow the perfect garden.

1. Rich Soil

The first and the most essential ingredient to a perfect garden is the soil. You cannot even dream of having a lush garden if you do not have the right kind of soil. So by all means, you need to look around for soil that is rich in nutrients and organic matter. Since these aspects come in to promote bacterial activity, you can be assured of having fertile soil. Apart from that, you also need to add some compost to the soil as a move to encourage soil structure.

Rich Soil

2. Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight is a mandatory requirement, except if you’re planning on growing plants that love the shade. In that case, these plants need to be placed strategically since they will not be able to bloom flowers when they are exposed to too much sunlight. Apart from that, the rest of the plants require the right mode of sunlight since it is a matter of their survival.

3. The Process of Plucking

Wilted and faded blooms tend to be visible way more than often. So to avoid the same, you need to carefully pluck them out from the plant. By doing so, you are encouraging better growth. Yes, that’s right. More plants tend to focus their energy on the flowers and other healthy ones when the faded ones are cut off. So make it a hobby to cut them as you walk past the garden.

4. Nursing the Roots

The importance of the roots is a chapter that has been preached for a long time. The main reason behind the same is to signify its importance and clarify why they are valuable to the whole plant. Since that chapter is clear, you need to ensure that you nurse the roots to the right extent. Every step of transplantation needs to be done after a lot of care and thought.

5. Watering


To end our session of tips, we decided to go with the most common one out of the lot. Just like how we require food, plants require water. So make sure that you water them regularly and keep them healthy. A healthy garden also promotes well being, so ensure to avoid any mistakes in this regard.

Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe

World Famous Flower Gardens That You Need to Visit

Flower gardens have always been classified as the epitome of beauty for all the right reasons. The atmosphere and the ambience that it sets can take your breath away. But among all the flower gardens in the world, there are some that are beyond your imagination. Transporting you into another world seems like an easy job for these places. So to experience the same, we request you to visit these places and understand all that we’re talking about. Since we have always listed the best time to visit these places, all you need to do is to pack your bags at the right time.

Gardens of Versailles

Gardens of Versailles

Being listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 was the most significant form of recognition that the Gardens of Versailles has ever received. Both the Versailles and the garden are also well known for serving as the seat of the French Monarchy. This form of rich history has always been critical in adding more value to this marvellous place. The flowers also tend to add another type of value, taking matters in the right direction. With all that in mind, the best time to pay a visit would be between April and October.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Apart from being founded in 1931 by Brother Marie-Victorin and Henry Teuscher, the Montreal Botanical Garden has moved on to include six other gardens. They are the Rose Garden, Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, Arboretum and Insectarium. With all that combined, the Montreal Botanical Garden has over 22,000 species, with ten greenhouses and 20 themed exhibits. If these aspects tend to excite you, then you need to pay a visit anytime between September to November or March to May.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Featuring over 100 million buds, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden, although the gardens were established as a move to raise tourism, it went on to achieve more than what it stood for. The flowers at this garden are shipped from all over the world, bringing in various kinds of species. Their flower-filled domes have to receive a special mention since everyone cannot stop talking about the same. With Winter coming in between December and February, that seems like the best time for a visit.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe

Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe welcomes you to a display of flowers and hybrids from all over Europe. The park, opened in 1950, has managed to take the lead role in establishing the Dutch floral culture. It provides individuals with an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time, provided that your schedule is free between March to the middle of May.


The Most Popular Perennials

Perennials are the flowering plants that take longer to grow but can also live a long life. These plants may die above the soil, but their roots stay alive to nurture the plant again when it is time to bloom. Perennials can last for years and decades, which make them an excellent choice for gardeners. Here are the most popular perennials that are available for home gardening today.

Hemerocallis (Daylily)

It is easy to find and most cultivated perennial that you can find. There are different varieties for daylily with different colours, shades, and sizes. Daylilies can survive in pollution, slopes, and dry soil which makes it an option to consider for cities.

Hemerocallis (Daylily)

Echinacea (Coneflower)

These flowers are loved for their vibrant flowers and is a common plant in the home gardens these days. Coneflowers are perfect for growing during summer and provides seeds for birds to eat, especially finches.

Platycodon (Balloon flower)

Balloon flower is easy to grow a plant which needs fulltime sunlight with a bit of shade occasionally. It requires organically rich and well-drained soil to grow at its best potential. It is available in many different colours, including white, purple, blue, and pink.

Baptisia (False indigo)

Baptisia (False indigo)

Baptisia blooms at its best potential under full sunlight. It tolerates the light shade, and if it grows too much shade, the plants may also require staking. Baptisia is easy to grow on average soil which can drain well. The roots of this plant are stiff, and once they are full-grown, they can stick for a long time.

Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan)

It is a native wildflower which can provide a bright contrast to home gardens. It grows the best in full sunlight and needs organically rich soil. Its yellow-orange petals and brown centres are naturally grown while the deep orange and red petals are the hybrid ones.

Allium (Ornamental onion)

Allium needs full sun to part shade to grow at its full potential. It can tolerate the soil of any fertility and can even grow in clay soil. This perennial is also pest and disease-free, and its aromatic foliage keeps the wild animals away from the garden.

Veronica (Spike speedwell)

Veronica (Spike speedwell)

This perennial can tolerate a wide range of well-drained soil types. It can grow in heavy and light types, but with more organic matter, it can provide way better growth. It blooms the best in full sun but can tolerate a little shade.

Liatris Spicata (Blazingstar)

It is a native wildflower which can attract butterflies in the garden. This perennial prefers moist and nutrient-rich soil which can drain well. It can be available in different shades such as pink, purple, and white and can grow up to a height of 4 feet. It grows during the season of July to September and can last a long time in vase arrangements.

Flower Gardening

Tips for Flower Gardening

If you want to wake up every day with a beautiful garden in your backyard waiting for you to come and pay attention, then you need to buckle up. You need the right knowledge about flower gardening to make the flowers bloom at their full potential. This quick guide will help you create your own flower garden at your home.

Consider the sunlight

Most of the flowers need complete sun exposure during the day as they need a lot of energy that comes from the sun. They need sunlight for 6-8 hours a day during the growing season. If you are only planning to have a window garden, then make sure it is pointed towards the side where you get maximum sunlight.

Get the right soil

right soil

Good plant growth needs good soil which is not too sandy and not too sticky. It should have a proper organic matter to have good water flow as well as have a good grip for the roots. Test the pH and fertility of the soil and check the requirement of the plants that you are planning to grow.

Type of plants

There are two basic types of flowers – Annuals and perennials. Annuals complete their life cycle during a single season whereas perennials have the roots that stay alive for years. The annuals can grow with little care during the entire season and is a choice for many gardeners. The perennials stay alive underground but die above the soil during winters and bloom again in spring. Depends on what you want you can choose the flowers.

Seeds or plants

All the flowers can be sown from the seed directly, but it can take a lot more time and effort in the process, and the perennials can take up to a year to grow. That is the reason why many gardeners prefer to plant the seeds indoors before they are ready to be planted outside. You can buy plants that are already sprouted so you can do the blooming in your garden. If you are buying sprouts, do not do the blooming inside a greenhouse.

Growing roses

Growing roses

Many beginner gardeners fear growing roses in their garden as it is believed that roses are difficult to grow. Although some roses may not grow in your area due to the climate conditions, you can find out which roses can flourish in your area and provide them with plenty of sunlight. Learn other skills like pruning the roses to keep them healthy. Embrace this project in your backyard and enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Flowering trees and shrubs

Having flowering trees and shrubs(Must Watch) in the garden gives it a more textured look and also add more flowers in the garden. With the right shrub selection, you can even invite birds and butterflies in your garden. Having shrubs and trees in your garden will give you something for every season so you can enjoy a beautiful small landscape in your backyard.

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