7 Best Spring-Flowering Plants that can make your Garden Colourful

Colourful plants tend to contribute to the factor of beauty to your garden. They bring in a particular form of ambience, qualifying you to make matters meet to the right extent. But not all plants can help you achieve this feat. There are particular ones that can add a distinctive style and feel. Getting these flowers to your garden will be the best addition that you can do to the place. So to help you get started, here are some of the best spring-flowering plants.

1. Crocus


Apart from being one of the first flowers to appear during the spring season, the Crocus also formulates a sense of beauty. These beautiful purple flowers tend to make your garden attractive and will be an ideal addition to the group.

2. Muscari

A unique combination of Muscari, tulips and daffodils can do the trick in turning your garden into heaven. These flowers form the perfect trio, and the rest depends upon your method of placement. So, by all means, get them to raise the level of curiosity behind your garden.

3. Hyacinth

The hyacinth can be used both as an indoor plant as well as an outdoor plant. It qualifies to get adjusted to both these conditions and manages to fit the bill. The kind of scent that comes out of the plant is essential to blow your mind away.


4. Helleborus

A look at this plant and you will be assured of bringing it to your garden to watch it while it blooms into eternal beauty. Also known as the Lenten rose, Helleborus is another remarkable flower that can make your garden shine.

5. Tulip

As mentioned earlier, Tulip makes the trio complete. But the flower manages to hold the ground if you don’t get the rest of the set. The bold display and its rich borders are more than enough to help you get addicted to your garden.



Although the IRIS is a late flowering spring plant(Watch Now), it keeps you thrilled till the end. Once it blooms, the plant can lighten up the place and display the right sense of perfection. But for this, you also require moist soil that is well nursed. If everything falls into place, you should get ready to witness long strap leaves that stand tall, marking the sign of beauty.

7. Lily of the Valley

You may have heard of this beautiful plant since it is quite famous. Like the IRIS, it is also a late spring edition that moves ahead to produce bell-shaped white flowers that form a classic background. With the sent also being sweet, you have more than a single reason to grow this flower.