How Do Younger Republicans Disagree With Older Republicans?

There’s a certain narrative about the Republican party that they all march in lockstep. Indeed the fact that individual politicians continue getting into office would give that impression. It’s true that the Republican voters will hold their nose and vote for whoever has an R after their name. The National Association of Republicans is looking to stir up the pot a bit (see here:

However, that doesn’t mean that people in the Republican party don’t disagree with each other. In point of fact, much like in any other situation, there’s a very real generational divide. That is to say, in many ways younger Republicans disagree with the older Republicans.

If you don’t pay much attention to politics, or you’re an older Republican, who doesn’t pay much attention to young people, you may write this off as nothing major. It’s an incredibly important thing to pay attention to. Because where the youth goes, so goes a political party. The fact that there are significant ways in which younger Republicans disagree is an important thing.

One of the major ways younger Republicans do not agree with older Republicans is in the area of social conservatism. The real truth is that the Republican party wasn’t the party of “social conservatism” until the Civil Rights Act of 1965 when Nixon decided to use the Southern Strategy to appeal to the voters who were against the act. Then the Republicans moved to gather up the “moral majority”. 

Younger Republicans have grown up in an era of harsh economic times. Thus, they tend to be more focused on the economy. They’re not concerned with who gets married to whom because they see no reason that would affect their lives. 

This reasoning is just one of the ways younger Republicans disagree with older Republicans. There are many others. If this is something you find interesting, you should do more research.